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Our game Dirt Life Radar was born from a brainstorming session where we imagined a game with a disobedient UI system, ever-changing. One could argue that unnecessary restrictions are at the core of what gives a video game its challenge, and here we have one where even your tools are giving you a hard time carrying out your goals. 

In Dirt Life Radar, the UI will only display one of the following elements vital to gameplay at a time: a health bar, a radar or how much ammunition you have. It’s important to time your movements wisely and keep yourself out of danger for as long as you can. During development the idea shifted from a game where you pick and choose your UI elements into one where they are fickle enough to just shift every ten seconds, but the concept still has the same style of unpredictable gameplay at its heart. Have fun playing!

Made for the 2018 UKIE Student Game Jam.


Dat Bui

Dan David

Uche Okorie

Bradley Dean

Lenore Linsell


Dirt Life Radar.zip 15 MB

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